What is the difference between clarinet and oboe sound?

What is the difference between clarinet and oboe sound?

2017/09/18 14:23
The first shape of the head insert a wooden stick is a double head reed head generally thick with a silver hoop or a hoop is a single spring (now seems to be because of the high bungee b grade higher grade music concert in recent years have not seen silver thin Is a double reed point is a single spring big single reed is a small double reed and the button has a silver ring between the child is a spring without a double spring ... ... (because of the odd number of children)
In general you hear in the classical music which is more close to the melody longer after the other parts of the sound will be launched solo that is certainly a double spring ... For example, the prelude to the Spring Festival for a long time ... Long period of awaited other can not remember the double spring is basically a pro-son which capital has him for a while and is a long period of time to see the performance of that blow like a special supremely solo to solo when he moves that much worse Bieqi face flushed is certainly his ... ... (ah personal preference exposure is obvious) and the melody is not the same listening to the more strange solo or solo when the end is the monochromatic ... ...
To find a few more good looking for example Yao dance in the latter part of a more weird solo, such as red flag Chung Allegro in front of the trumpet after a rather strange solo Another example Pilgit Albatron last period of super melodious Bei Liu the first movement of the last paragraph if these you can not listen to Cheer Chen it cool wind to open three times to listen to the prelude to remember that the movement of the reed reed small and more difficult to blow the first lesson you may Even a child can not blow a sound more sharply like a sharp voice singing out of the board. Because of its structural (and price) character, the pitch is less affected by the instrument's cold and heat, and it's hard to pitch loudly ... so all the A's on the concert of the concert are his blows ...
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