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ROFFEE Musical Instruments is one sino-german cooperation professional producing wind music company,the sales territory over 36 counties in the past thirty years.Our scope of operation includes woodwind musical instruments,brasswind musical instruments,western wind and relevant musical instruments parts.Such as oboe,clarinet,saxophone,bassoon,flute,piccolo,trumpet,french horn,trombone,tuba and relevant musical instruments parts and so on. ROFFEE only supply high cost performance products and professional customer service to face the whole world,every kind of products are tested by professional artisan strickly. Frontline technical team has the production experience over 40 years. The production for ROFFEE not only is musical instruments,also is one artwork,we set a model for global musical instrument production in this century.

We provide good quality products with competitive prices, which are selling well in the international markets. Each of our products is produced by our excellent technologists.


Roffee is not only a manufacture of musical instruments but also a continuer of the Brand.

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